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Translation of legal documents is one of the activities of our Law Bureau.

In our Law Bureau you can order translations of documents of any legal subject matter, prepare documents to be submitted abroad. The translators, working in our team, are accredited with consulates of several foreign countries. We do not experience problems therefore with further consular legalization of the documents.

Translation of texts of legal subject matter is quite a complex task, requiring both excellent language skills and legal expertise.

Translation of legal documents may be needed by any company which plans to develop actively its foreign economic relations. It is needed during negotiations and during drafting of contracts with counterparties. High-quality translation of documents will allow your counterparties to get acquainted with the company’s business, peculiarities of its management.

In some cases, when solving legal matters, you may need formal confirmation of certain papers.

Just for this purpose there exists an Apostille on documents that allows you to acknowledge the the papers you have in your hands as valid in the official institutions of the member countries of the Hague Convention of 1961. The substance of the Apostille on documents consists in the simplification of the procedures for the validation of papers, in the cancellation of the consular approval.

This Convention was adopted on the 5th of October, 1961. In the territory of Russia it entered into force on the 31st of May 1992. The Apostille for certified documents represents a stamp of standard pattern and is the supreme form of authentication of any documents.

In which cases, an apostille is required to be issued for documents

● When applying for a job in a foreign company.

● When starting your own business abroad.

● When Training abroad.

● When concluding an international marriage.

In all the situations, which are listed above, you will need documents with Apostille affixed. Experts of our bureau will help you get them promptly, duly executed without errors.

We will be glad to see you among our clients and will carefully perform the translation of charters and other legal documentation.

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