Dispute resolution

One of the main activities of our legal firm is the protection of the rights of foreign citizens in the russian courts. And as you may know, participation in the litigation, protection of the violated rights and substantiation of one’s own rightness are not easy deals.

In order to defend one’s own rights in the court one should be in possession not only of legal knowledge, but also of the tactical methods of conducting a trial process. Besides the theoretical knowledge, one should be in possession of a rich and worldly practical experience in the organization of the protection of rights in the court.

In civil proceedings the law grants to both plaintiff and defendant equal rights. But the protection of the rights of the plaintiff and the defendant’s defense against the claim are carried out by diverse, different one from another, procedural, material and legal means. Only after having examined all the circumstances of case, after having analyzed them from a legal standpoint, one can properly implement the protection of the rights of a citizen in the court on a timely basis.

In accordance with the rules of procedural law, and more often, due to a huge number of cases in the courts of our city, judges are unable to establish the objective truth of the case, to find out all the facts and circumstances, but simply examine the submitted evidence only, and adjudicate the case on their basis.

The lack of special expertise in the collection and, what is most important, in the presentation of the evidence in the court, nullifies the success of an aidless journey to court.

The perennial experience of attorneys of our legal bureau helps successfully implement the protection of citizens’ rights in the courts, choose the most optimal ways of protection in the court in order to achieve a positive result.

In particular, we provide the protection of citizens’ rights in the court in the following cases:

● Protection of the rights of citizens in the courts in disputes arising from civil, family, labor, housing, land, and other legal relations;

● protection in the courts in cases of invalidation of decisions, actions (Inaction) of state authorities, local self-government authorities, officials, state and municipal employees who violate the rights and lawful interests of citizens.

This is only a tentative list of cases in which we provide the protection of rights of citizens in the Russian Federation courts.

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