Legal services in Russia

Our legal office springs from the necessity to support foreign citizens companies in challenging the problematics related to the business penetration and business development on the Russia.

The mission of our Legal office is chiefly concentrated on the legal services rendered foreign companies involved in the business operations on the Russian market.

I. Legal Services

● general advice and consultation
● commercial law
● business law
● consumer law
● labour law
● drawing up contracts.

II. Business consulting in Russia

● advice on the matter of current legislation of Russia
● advice on business operations in Russia
● consultations on the matter of accounting
● collection of debts.

III. Companies’ enrolment in Russia

● enrolment
● renewal of enrolment
● restructuring
● liquidation
● registration of subsidiaries and/or representative offices.

IV. Arbitration & litigation in russian courts

V. Taxes in Russia

VI. General support and service

● translation and authentication of documents, apostille services
● certifications
● whatever else not listed herein, but anyway part of our area of specialty for legal services.

Our Lawyer’s office based in Moscow is able to ensure the excellent level of of legal services in Russia through the support and coordination before, during and after meetings with potential partners.

8 (495) 514-41-28
+7 (985) 129-05-24

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