Establishing a company in Russia

The Lawyers of the Law firm “Gribkov & Partners” work in Russiain order to establish foreign entities (limited liability or individual companies). Thus, we provide a preliminary servicegiving to the international customer information about what can be tax advantages of establishing a business in Russia, within the framework permitted by law.

In the course of such a preliminary consultation, that takes a form of written advice, we will illustrate which company models will be possible to choose, whether there are special rules regarding the nationality of directors or members (especially in the countries locatedoutside of the European Union) and the tax system of the referenced foreign country.

This job is of paramount importance, since the customer realizes that in order to be able to operate abroad just “to register a company” is not enough, but one should also abide by the international and local laws in order not to commit tax fraud or criminal offenses. Sometimes we are also able to provide to the customer a so-called “Shelf company”, i.e. a ready made company which was left with no activity for several years (such legal entities are in particularly great demand especially in case of participation in public tenders where the bidding company should be already in business for a certain length of time (aged enterprise).

We do not register formulaic enterprises. We intervene to develop a package of incorporation documents of the legal entities – limited liability company, joint-stock companies and other forms of legal entity’s incorporation -only in case the customer has a task to create

deeply elaborate incorporation documents, taking into account all the peculiarities of the upcoming relations with the other members of the newly established company.

Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us to receive more information and a get a clear, transparent predetermined quotation, starting from the out-of-court affidavit on the case.

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